Flashlight Find: An ABC Learning Game

Bare Betro

Teaching your child their ABC’s can be a difficult task, so why not make it fun!!

All you need for this game is:

  • A flashlight
  • ABC cut outs or printables
  • Tape
  • A wall or something big enough to put the letters on

So the first thing you do is get your letters and cut them out or whatever you have to do for the shape you want to stick on the wall and find.

We just got these letters at the dollar store, but if you want to save money you can always print out your own letters.

After you have your letters just use tape to put them on whatever you’re going to find them on.

We picked a wall because it has more space and I thought it would be a better choice since we were using a flashlight to find the letters.

Now all you have to do is shut the lights off and turn on your flashlight to play this “hide and seek” with the letters!

And there you go!

An example of what we do is:

I’ll say “can you find me the letter B?” And he will search with his flashlight like a detective on a case to find the letter B, then we go to the next letter after each one he finds I tally it down since we use learning games not only for him to learn, but it allows him to earn minutes for screen time, and I will do a post about explaining how and why we do that soon.

This game is not only fun but it is super easy to set up and take down. We just leave this one up because our little one loves this game!

Don’t feel like you have to use letters, this game can also be used for learning shapes, numbers, vocabulary words, or spelling words!

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