Ways to Relax Your Mind

Bare Betro

My whole life up until like 2 years go was just full of stress, I didn’t know how to handle really anything “bad” that happened. I used to freak out like my parents used to do when I was small and something didn’t go their way, they would instantly go to “it’s f@#$ed!” Lol now I look back and I realize how ridiculous I was and how ridiculous some people that I’ve distanced myself with are as well, it definitely reminds me why I distanced myself in the first place ūüėā

Anyways, here are some easy ways to relax your mind! And believe me, if I could rewire my brain to be more positive and logical, I honestly I think anyone can!

  • Take deep breaths

I’ve noticed the days when I just frequently take deep breaths I feel better. Deep breathing has so many benefits besides helping with anxiety, it can improve your nervous system, strengthen your heart and lungs, and even help with weight issues for individuals that are either under or over weight. That is not even half of the things that taking deep breaths can help with. By remembering to slow down and take deep breaths you allow oxygen to pass through the body then the toxins in your body release as you exhale, and the results are extremely beneficial to ease the mind.

  • Less technology

There are so many apps and social media platforms that it is becoming hard to keep up with, but no matter what you spend your time on while using technology you could be causing more harm than good. Many people like to compare and compete on social media and some don’t even realize they are doing it or how much time they actually spend online. Too much technology has been proven to lead to depression, high anxiety, a twisted vision of reality, as well as the lack of social and communication skills.

The best thing to do is to limit yourself to how much technology you use or maybe have one day to “unplug.”

  • Find a way to exercise

That does not mean you have to go to the gym and get an expensive membership, nor do you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to put a few workouts in. You can exercise in so many ways like yoga, walking, jujitsu, ride a bike, or just do some simple workouts at home or wherever you’re at.

Personally I like to just do small workouts throughout the day, for instance when I go to the restroom I do like 10 squats, or when I get the Landry out of the dryer I do side lunges. Even the smallest amount of exercising can help reduce stress. Don’t get me wrong some days I’m just not into it, but those days are the days I at least try to push myself to go outside and jump on the trampoline or play tag with the kids.

  • Always look for alternatives

This one was probably the hardest one for me. I was so used to just breaking down and getting upset when things didn’t go right that it was hard for me to think of alternatives because I could barley even think.

What I’ve learned is that I have to use a combination of breathing deeply and closing my eyes. I know it sounds weird lol I felt weird doing it the first few times but now when things get rough and I need to figure out what I need to do the first thing I do is take a few breaths and close my eyes. After about 25 maybe even 30 seconds my mind calms down and I can think more logical.

  • Find time for yourself

This doesn’t have to be an entire week or day, but just a little time everyday for yourself to recollect your thoughts and mind. For some of us it might be hard to find some time, but it is possible. My husband tends to work really late sometimes, and that leaves me to deal with breakfast for the kids, my school stuff, the kids school stuff, dinner, baths, and a book, and everything else in between. I can’t lie and say I’m not overwhelmed sometimes, but I find that if the kids are occupied or taking a nap or anything I will just go into the other room (still able to see them) and just take some breaths and think about what I’m thankful for. It really helps to reconnect myself and relax so I’m not so stressed. Sometimes we just need to take a step back to realize how blessed you are.

  • Change your environment

Go outside, go to the zoo, or the park, or find a trail to walk down, basically just get out of the house or wherever you are most of your time. If you’re at work and need a break don’t go to the same place you always do, go somewhere else, talk to new people, and embrace the freedom you have to be able to move yourself to new surroundings.The same old stuff all the time can get old, and can make you go into a sort of overdrive without you realizing it.

  • Use essential oils.

I am a total newbie to this, but I have gotten some essential oils from a free giveaway and ever since I’ve just been getting little oils here and there because they smell amazing! There are so many oils out there, you can find one for anything going on in your life. What’s even better is that you can mix and match the smells to create your own scent. Aromatherapy therapy has been proven to work, however you need quality oils for it to work properly. Be careful for oils that are full of fake additives because not only will they not work, they could break you out. Research your oils before you buy.

  • Walk away.

Walk away for all the toxic things in your life, all the people in your life that just give you bad vibes. Know that you do not need to deal with that nor do you need them in your life and it doesn’t matter who they are. Toxic people will just poison your life and give you unwanted feelings that can really damaged a person. Once I distanced myself from all the nasty people in my life, it’s been going smooth ever since. I’ve learned to handle and take care of myself without having someone give their negative two cents and make it worse. Don’t think you have to completely shut these people down but just try not to spend as much time with them, and slowly you will feel better.


What are some ways you relax and how often do you do it?

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