Tips on Going to School and Parenting

Bare Betro

Are you a parent that is looking to further your education but don’t think you can do it because you’re a parent?

Just know it is never too late to be what you want to be, it is never to late to change your career or direction in life. Here are some tips on going back to school while having little ones:

  1. Explain to your kids what you are doing and why. In our case I tell my son that “mommy has to go to school so I can get a good job and we can get a bigger house!” Kids do understand even when they’re young and you can always try to explain things to them in a way they can work with.
  2. Get out of the house and do your homework or assignments. Your mind will work differently qhen you’re out rather than when you’re at home. You will be able to focus more and be able to think without the worries of home bothering you.
  3. Stay on top of everything. If something is due in a week don’t wait and do it all in one sitting, do a little bit everyday or every other day. Piling up all your work on top of what you originally are taking care of which can be your job, the house, kids, and whatever else life throws at you in between can be overwhelming so managing your time is important.
  4. Have time to reconnect with yourself. Just 5 minutes to collect yourself during the day can help quite a bit. When you take a second to step back and refocus your mind and your body will feel better. This can include just stepping outside for a second, or doing some arts and crafts, it just needs to be something that you either enjoy or just can get a break from.
  5. Use your phone to study! Since this day and age everyone is on their ohones it makes it a great tool to use for school. There are many apps to put notes or flashcards on. My favorite is Quizlet, it allows you to make flashcards and play games with them so you’re not just flipping through flashcards (even though that is an option too).
  6. Read the textbook, or at least skim through it. There has been so many times where I read a textbook to my kids and that is fine! If the book is too expensive know that there are other options to getting the book like renting, going to your school library, or looking online for a digital version. Most teachers use the book to make tests so even skiming through the book would help a little.

Those are our 6 tips for parents planning to go back to school! What are things you consider when you think about furthering your education? What obstacles do you think you might face when going back to school?

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