How to Save Money When You’re a New Parent

Bare Betro

Are you a new parent looking to save money? Here are some easy to do things that can save you thousands of dollars a year!

  1. Look at consignment stores in person or online. You will be able to find big items a lot cheaper! Like bouncers, bassinets, changing tables, and swings are all ¬†items that can be easily found at those types of stores. Personally we live in an area where there aren’t many consignment shops, but don’t let that get in your way! There are many second-hand items that can be found online, and you can always ask family members or friends out of town to look and see what options they have nearby. My mother in law lives in Southern California and she is always finding amazing stuff at the consignment stores in her area. Keep in mind that there are many good deals on places like OfferUp, LetGo, and Craigslist but caution is advised because they are not the safest options.
  2. Make your own baby food! I can’t even begin to explain how much this has saved us. For instance our baby who is 9 months can go through around $6 of baby food everyday, that may not seem like a lot but in a year that is roughly $2,190! If you make your own one banana depending on size can equal up to 4 jars of baby food!! I like to get frozen fruits and vegetables for the baby food that way I can thaw out what I need and use it. Remember you can always freeze baby food!
  3. If you are breast feeding most insurances will let you rent your breast pump from them! Some will even reimburse you after you buy the pump of your choice. Just contact your insurance company for more information.
  4. Reusable diapers! I know they sound gross but they can save lots of money! Plus they have sprayers that hook up to your toilet that you can spray off the poop directly in the potty ūüėé the cool thing about reusable diapers is that they are extremely eco-friendly, cheap, and can be totally customized by ordering places online or just making your own.
  5. Don’t buy for looks buy for need! This is the biggest problem I see, many parents will buy for the fancy brand to fit in and look “cool,” but the thing is you don’t look cool by spending all your money on a bag that doesn’t even have a lifetime warranty! I don’t remember who said it or where I even saw it at but it goes something like “don’t be the parent that has the $300 diaper bag with nothing in it, be the parent who has the $20 bag with $280 in it,” and I couldn’t agree more!
  6. Skip the shoes for a while. I mean let’s face it, your baby isn’t going to be walking right away so why buy shoes?! I totally understand if it is a special occasion and you want to get shoes that’s perfectly fine, but for everyday use it is unnecessary. It is better for your kids to learn to control their feet alone then when they master that start buying shoes! I have seen so many parents buy their babies super expensive shoes to only get to wear them for a few weeks because they grow so fast! Wait until they need shoes and they’re walking.
  7. Take your own pictures! Yes there are so many photographers around and yes they do make their pictures look nice but guess what?! You can do the same! With how well the quality of cameras on phones are these days your pictures can come out just as good! Plus there are many apps that can help your pictures look professional and no one will ever even know the difference!
  8. Improvise with toys for the first few years or as long as you can. I don’t even know how many times we bought toys and then instantly regretted it when we got home because the kids would end up playing with a piece of paper or an empty box, and you can’t help but feel like “wtf!” But the toys you buy are already perfected for children so they can only do so much with them before getting bored. When you make toys or give kids random stuff to explore with, it can make their brain work in a different way because they are trying to figure out what they can do with it and if they get bored with it guess what?! You can change it! Because you made it!

What ways do you save money as a parent? What do you think you can save more on?

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