Make your own paper

Bare Betro


Ok so the main reason we started to make our own paper was because I noticed that I take lots and lots of notes when I’m at school. After every semester I would empty out my backpack and see all the piles of papers I went through, and then I would just toss them in the recycle bin without even paying attention to it. It was such a waste to throw away all that paper! So to be more eco-friendly we started making our own plantable paper. There are many different ways to make paper, here is one of them ūüíēthis works if you want to make just regular paper or if you want to make plantable paper.

Below are the steps we took

1. Cut up the notes

We cut our paper in half then cut it into strips and put them into a bowl.

2. Fill the bowl up with water

We never measure this part, we just fill the bowl until it is just above the strips of paper. We had ours soak overnight, but I have seen people do it for a few hours. Personally our blender sucks lol so I let those suckers soak as much as I can.

3. When your paper has soaked for long enough, you can now throw it into a blender to make your pulp!

  • Just grab the soaked paper by hand and put it in the blender
  • Add fresh water just above the soaked paper
  • Blend that stuff up!!!

4. Grab the pulp by hand and put it in a mesh strainer to squeeze some of the water out. Make sure to use a flat hand when pressing down. You can also use a cheese cloth or something similar.

Note: be careful with this part you do not want to get all the moisture out or your paper will be have a cracked look. If you accidentally get too much water out, it is not ruined don’t worry! Just look at the Tips at the bottom of the page.

5. Use the paper you put through the mesh strainer and place it on wax paper in the shape you want.

You can totally be creative with this part! You can make it into any shape you’d like. This time we didn’t use shapes we just flattened it out in some wax paper.

If you are going to add seeds or dried flowers and herbs now is the time! Just sprinkle them on top and gently push down with a flat hand.

As you can tell from the picture we accidentally squeezed a little too much water out but we made it work lol

6. Blot the it with a cotton towel or something absorbent

When doing this part be careful and do it slowly but firmly, especially if you put seeds or something for decoration on top of the pulp.

7. Now the most boring part is to leave it alone and let it dry.

8. Ta-da!!!! Paper is made!!!

Now you can cut it into shapes or whatever you’d like! I used this particular piece as a tag for a birthday gift.

Our paper came out a with little cracks this time but you can avoid that by making sure you are blending enough and you didn’t squeeze too much water out.

Pro tips

  • If you want your paper really flat you can put another piece of wax paper on top and add weights, heavy wood, bricks, or anything heavy to flatten them out while they dry.
  • Use cookie cutters or make your own shapes with foil or things found around the house.
  • Let it fully dry before messing with it, it can fall apart
  • If your pulp is just falling apart, add mixing it together again with fresh water by hand, mixer, or blender on lowest setting and do steps 4-8 again.
  • You can also add food coloring for a cool affect, add that in the blender when mixing, or you can add it to the strips of paper while they soak. I feel like adding it to the blender works better, but let us know what you think!
  • If your blender sucks, or if you are using a food processor that turns by hand, it really helps to cut the paper as small as you can so it blends together. If you have a perfectly working blender, cutting the paper into small strips would work just fine!

Have you ever made paper with kids or at all? What we’re their favorite parts?

My little one’s favorite part was squeezing the water out of the pulp with the mesh strainer. We also used the strainer over some plants that we’re in need of watering, so we got to get two things done at once which was pretty cool lol.

We hope you have fun making paper!! Let us know how it goes and make sure to tag us on Instagram @BareBetro ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ

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